Onward Ticket

What an Onward Ticket is

An onward ticket refers to a confirmed flight reservation that demonstrates the traveler’s plans to leave the destination country at a later date.

Why You Need an Onward Ticket

Many countries require proof of onward travel as a condition of entry. This helps ensure that travellers do not overstay their visas or become illegal residents.

How One Can Obtain a Dummy Ticket

You can obtain a Dummy Ticket through a travel agent specializing in visa support services or by using an online flight booking website.

Whether a Dummy Flight Ticket is a Confirmed Booking or Not

No, a dummy flight ticket is not a confirmed booking and does not guarantee the traveler a seat on the flight. It is simply a document that shows the planned travel itinerary.

Whether an Onward Ticket Can Be Changed After Entering the Destination Country

Yes, you can change your onward ticket after entering the destination country, but it is best to check with the visa office to ensure that it does not violate the terms of your visa.

How a Real Ticket Can be Obtained as Proof of Onward Travel

You can book a real flight ticket through a travel agent or an online booking website. Keep in mind that the ticket must match the information provided in the visa application and be a confirmed booking.