Frequently Asked Questions

DummyFlight provides authentic flight reservations which include a verifiable PNR (Passenger Name Record) code, which can be checked on major airline websites. This service is designed to meet the requirements of travelers who need proof of onward travel when visiting certain destinations.

Embassies and consulates demand this as a mandatory document as it serves as proof of your intention to leave the country after your visit. Additionally, it helps immigration authorities ensure that travelers have travel arrangements in place, contributing to a smoother and more efficient visa application process.

Yes, dummy flight tickets are officially approved for travel visa applications based on the embassy or consulate. 

No, an e-ticket number will not be included in a reservation.

No, this is a flight reservation only. It cannot be used as a real flight ticket reservation.

Our Flight reservation will include the traveler’s – Full Name, Point of Boarding, Point of Exit (Airport Codes), Travel Departure, and Arrival dates.

No, If you require any changes you will need to make a new booking.

No price information is mentioned on our flight reservation.

After a reservation is generated and sent, it is not possible to cancel it and get a refund.

At the moment we only offer the return flight option. If you need multi-city flight options, you will have to place multiple orders for them.

Yes, anyone who wants to apply for any kind of visa can use our flight reservation. You can use it for a Schengen visa, US visa, Japanese visa, Singapore Visa, Malaysian Visa, Chinese visa, UK visa etc.