How to make a fake flight ticket in 2024: The Complete Guide

How to make a fake flight ticket in 2024

In today’s digital era, obtaining necessary documentation for visa applications or showcasing travel plans has evolved. One such solution is creating a fake flight ticket through various online services. However, these documents raise worries about safety and legitimacy. Are there safer ways to prove onward travel? Let’s explore options for smart travel.

What is a Fake Flight Ticket?

A fake flight ticket mirrors a genuine ticket but lacks a verified reservation in an airline database. It serves as proof of intended travel without an actual booking often used for visa applications or other documentation needs.

3 Most Common Reasons People Are Using Fake Plane Tickets

Visa Application Requirements

1. Visa Application Requirements

Embassies and consulates often require proof of onward travel for visa applications. Fake plane tickets provide a simulated itinerary without a confirmed booking. They serve as provisional documentation, demonstrating planned departure without needing an actual reservation. Hence speeding up visa applications by showing planned departures without needing a booked flight ticket. 

2. Flexible Travel Plans

Fake plane tickets become invaluable when travelers have uncertain itineraries. These tickets enable individuals to showcase travel intentions without the limitations of confirmed bookings. Particularly beneficial for those exploring various destinations or uncertain about return dates, fake tickets serve as a visual representation of intended travel without committing to specific flights.

3. Dealing with Changing Prices

When waiting for visa approvals or planning trips, flight prices can change a lot. Fake plane tickets help as stand-ins. They let travelers meet document requirements without worrying about price ups and downs. These tickets give a way to show travel plans without being connected to actual ticket costs. So, people can sort their paperwork without stress about sudden price changes.

How to Generate a Fake Flight Ticket



Generating a dummy flight ticket requires careful thought due to legal and ethical concerns. If you find yourself in a situation where you require a simulated flight itinerary for legitimate purposes, here are general steps that people might follow:

1. Choose a Reliable Service:

Select a reputable online service that generates fake flight tickets. Ensure that the service has positive reviews and is known for its accuracy.

2. Input Your Travel Details:

Enter the necessary information such as your destination, travel dates, and personal details as required by the service.

3. Payment Procedure

Once you’ve entered the required details, proceed to the payment confirmation step. Most websites ensure a straightforward payment process to finalize your dummy ticket creation.

4. Receive the Ticket

After completing the payment, the service will generate a simulated flight itinerary. Download or receive the ticket in the preferred format, usually as a PDF.

5. Use Responsibly

Always remember that it’s crucial not to use false information that could lead to legal consequences. Use the ticket responsibly and only for its intended purpose.

Top Fake Flight Ticket Generators You Can Find Online

1. Key Flight


KeyFlight allows you to generate a dummy flight ticket for free, making it the ideal choice if Photoshop isn’t your forte or if you prefer not to invest in a dummy ticket free. The platform is user-friendly and uncomplicated, offering the added benefit of selecting your preferred fake PNR code.

2. Dummy Ticket


Dummyticket.Flights operate similarly to but at a higher cost of $10. The website presents various flight options upon inputting your departure, destination, and travel date. While you can customize details like airline, flight time, and passengers, it’s a pricey service for a fake ticket that can’t be verified online.

3. Fake Flight Tickets


Discover, using authentic data and templates to create dummy tickets for showcasing your onward travel plans. Fill in the form with departure/arrival details and personal information. Choose from various flight options and times. Pay $5 per fake ticket, and receive a confirmation via email. Showcase your travel intentions effortlessly!

4. Trixo


For $10, Trixo gives you a fake flight ticket with a made-up PNR and e-ticket number. It’s easy to use – you pick the airline and can add as many passengers as you want for free. Again, just remember that the ticket you get is entirely fake and can’t be checked online.

5. Onward Flight Ticket

onward flight ticket

A user-friendly service allowing you to effortlessly generate free sample, onward, or dummy tickets by searching for flights. This platform promises instant delivery of a PDF ticket via email, ready for immediate use within 30 seconds. However, it’s crucial to note that the received ticket, while resembling a real one, lacks a verifiable PNR. Users are reminded that the responsibility for the ticket’s usage rests solely with them.

Why You Should Not Use Fake Airline Tickets

Why You Should Not Use Fake Airline Tickets

While the temptation to generate a fake flight ticket might be strong for certain situations, the risks and consequences associated with using such documents far outweigh the perceived benefits. Here’s why you should steer clear of relying on a fake flight ticket:

1. Legal Complications

Using a fake flight ticket can lead to serious legal repercussions. Authorities and airlines actively scrutinize travel documents, and presenting a counterfeit ticket may result in fines, travel bans, or even legal action.

2. Visa Rejections

Embassies and consulates are adept at identifying fake documents during the visa application process. Submitting a fraudulent flight ticket can lead to visa rejections, potentially hindering your travel plans.

3. Impact on Future Travel

Using fake documents may create a record in airline databases or immigration systems, impacting your ability to travel freely in the future. It’s a risk that could have lasting consequences on your travel privileges.

Understanding the Differences: Fake, Valid & Dummy Tickets

Fake Tickets

These are imitation flight bookings that aren’t real or valid. Unlike genuine tickets, fake ones aren’t connected to actual flights or reservations. They’re made to look real but can cause legal and practical problems if used for actual travel or official documentation.

Valid Tickets

These are genuine reservations confirmed and recognized by airlines. They represent actual bookings with seat assignments and flight details stored in airline databases. Valid tickets are obtained through legitimate booking processes, ensuring travelers have confirmed seats on specific flights for their intended travel dates.

Dummy Tickets

These are simulated itineraries provided by services like DummyFlight. They resemble genuine flight bookings but don’t hold reservations in airline systems. Dummy tickets are crafted to serve as placeholders or proof of intended travel without the commitment of a confirmed seat. They’re commonly used for visa applications or demonstrating travel plans.

The Best Legal Alternative

To avoid the risk of legal consequences and hefty fines, it’s best to consider a completely legal solution. Instead of purchasing a fake flight ticket, why not make a genuine reservation?

The Best Legal Alternative

The reservation you receive via email includes a PNR (Passenger Name Record) code. This unique code can be verified on the airline’s official website to confirm the authenticity and details of your dummy ticket booking.

Using DummyFlight is as simple as completing a form with your flight information and personal details, and then making the payment.

Click here to have a look at a sample dummy ticket from DummyFlight.

Step-by-Step Process on How to Book your Dummy Ticket on DummyFlight

Step-by-Step Process on How to Book your Dummy Ticket on DummyFlight

All you gotta do is,

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Get my ticket’
  3. Fill in the necessary information about your trip and personal details 
  4. Review your information
  5. Go ahead with the payment procedure
  6. Our team will swiftly reach out to help you out manually, ensuring your dummy ticket is on its way to you in no time!

Choose your documentation wisely, ensuring your journey is not only seamless but also in compliance with legal and ethical standards. Safe travels!

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