Dummy Air Ticket for Visa Approval

When hearing about a dummy flight ticket for the first time, you may wonder what it is. A dummy flight ticket is called so, as it is not a real ticket. Dummy Air Tickets are used to get your visa approved by a foreign country. It is used in a situation where you are not sure about your return journey. It is imperative that you submit your travel plan along with the visa application, to get it approved.

Moreover, most countries make it mandatory to furnish your travel itinerary along with the visa application because they want to confirm that you are not planning to stay there indefinitely. People normally have a lot of doubts regarding the genuineness of a dummy flight ticket, as to whether it will serve the purpose or not. But the fact is, dummy tickets are an approved way of proving your return journey and it will suffice the purpose of getting your visa approved.

How Can You Obtain a Dummy Air Ticket?

Booking a dummy air ticket is easy today, thanks to the online presence of travel service providers. But before booking the dummy ticket, you must ensure that the agency is genuine and authentic. Dummyflight.com is a trustworthy online travel service provider that has years of experience in this field. You can visit the website dummyflight.com, enter your name, and other travel details and you can download your Dummy Air Ticket. Dummyflight.com also provides you with a hotel booking service, as this constitutes a part of your travel Itinerary.

Is Dummy Air Ticket Fake?

Dummy Air Ticket is not a fake ticket. It will have a valid passenger number, seat number etc as in an original flight ticket. But you cannot use the dummy air ticket to board a flight or in place of an original air ticket. A dummy air ticket is issued solely for visa approval, subject to the discretion of the consulate of that country.

How Are You Getting Benefitted from a Dummy Air Ticket?

The main advantage of a dummy ticket is that you save money. A dummy ticket costs a negligible amount whereas if you book a real flight ticket, you have to spend a big amount. Moreover, it cannot be cancelled if you are changing your travel plan. In such cases, you put yourself at a loss. As a dummy ticket cost only a fraction of what you pay for the original ticket, it will not be a burden for you.

Can a Dummy Ticket Be Converted into a Real Ticket?

Often, a dummy ticket can be converted into a real flight ticket, subject to the approval of the Visa and the availability of a seat on the flight. You will have to pay the original flight ticket charge if you obtain a seat. At times, it adds to your convenience too.

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