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What is Dummy Flight Ticket and Why it is Used?

When you first hear about a dummy flight ticket, questions like what a dummy flight ticket is, whether it is a genuine ticket, what is the purpose of a dummy ticket etc will pop up in your mind. But a dummy flight ticket is an essential requirement if you are planning for an overseas journey, and you are not sure about the date of your return journey. Most countries make it mandatory to mention the travel itinerary while applying for the visa. If you fail to do so, your application shall be rejected.

A dummy flight ticket is as good as a real flight ticket with a valid PNR number and flight details printed on it. Though it is a mandatory requirement, the advantage of securing a dummy ticket is that you can save a considerable amount of money. If you book an original flight ticket, you will have to incur a huge amount whereas you can buy a Dummy Flight Ticket at a negligible amount.

Are Dummy Flight Tickets Accepted by Embassies?

Dummy flight tickets are accepted by embassies for the purpose of applying for a visa. As the approval process purely depends on the embassies’ rules, you can book an original flight ticket after the approval of your visa application by the embassy. As dummy flight tickets are recognized by foreign embassies, it saves you time and money.

Where to Buy a Dummy Flight Ticket?

Today, a lot of travel companies are offering dummy ticket services and you can download a ticket online, after filling in the necessary details like your name, the name of the country to where you are travelling, the date of the journey etc. But the fact is, you have to check the authenticity of the site. Otherwise, it will not serve your purpose. A reliable provider of dummy flight tickets is dummyflight.com which is also a secure and affordable online platform offering different travel services. The user-friendly interface enables you to compare the prices and select from a wide range of options and get a dummy ticket by completing a few simple steps.

Is Dummy Flight Ticket a safer option?

At the immigration department, you will be required to furnish a return ticket so as to confirm your return plan. So, most of the travellers show a dummy flight ticket in support of their travel plan. Booking a dummy ticket from genuine service providers is a safe option in your effort to prepare your travel itinerary.

Can a Dummy Flight Ticket be used to board a flight?

A dummy flight cannot be used to board a flight as it is not a real ticket, though it carries information about the traveller as in a real flight ticket. It is simply considered proof of your travel plan when you want to apply for a visa. After obtaining an approved visa, you will have to book a real flight ticket.
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