How can Dummy Flight help you achieve your travel dreams?

Applying for any kind of visa can be challenging. The situation would be stressful enough without the added pressure of the monetary requirements. With all of this that you will have to go through, the embassy does not ensure visa approval for any of its candidates. Unfortunately, this could mean that you will not get the visa, but the money will not be refunded.

All countries have the requirement to show proof of travel while applying for a visa to enter the country. This generally means that one has to book a ticket to the country without assurance that it will be worth it. Some consulates even require a return ticket to be shown while applying for the visa. Needless to say, this increases your expenditure. With these mandatory requirements, a large amount of money is flushed down the drain with no return for the expenses.

So what is the remedy for these problems? The required ticket or tickets have to be presented while applying for the visa, regardless of whether the visa is guaranteed or not. The most plausible way is to present a cheap ticket to the consulate. Meet Dummy Flight! This service provides you with tickets to travel all around the world for just $20.

How do you use Dummy Flight to get Dummy Air Tickets?

Dummy Flight is a service that provides you with verifiable tickets that can be presented before any embassy or consulate. Not having a ticket will not be the reason that you do not get approved for the visa, thanks to Dummy Flight.

Dummy Air Tickets will cost you around $20, which is cheaper than booking to-and-fro tickets by leaps and bounds. These tickets allow you to present them before the embassy, thereby increasing the possibility of getting your visa approved.

It should be carefully noted that these tickets are only to show flight reservations and cannot actually be traveled with. In order to do that, an actual air ticket must be purchased. Dummy air tickets provide the leeway for you to book the tickets to travel after getting your visa stamped.

All of this seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? To add to the unbelievable nature of this service, the Dummy Flight is safe and secure, making online payments easily doable and easing your mind while making those payments. They accept both credit and debit cards. While this site is user-friendly, should any concern or query arise regarding the tickets, the Dummy Flight team is available to you around the clock.

Some consulates require proof of stay as one of the requirements while applying for a visa. With just an extra $5, book a hotel room too! This is a deal that you cannot resist. For just $25, you can present your round-trip tickets as proof of travel, and your accommodation would be your hotel booking. Please note that a dummy ticket can be booked for any visa that you are applying for, like the Schengen visa, the U.K. visa, and so many more!

For more information, call +971 58 590 7899.

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