Dummy Flight Ticket for Visa Application

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How To Book Dummy Flight Ticket For Visa Application

Why do we need a dummy flight ticket for visa applications? A Flight booking/reservation or hotel booking is a mandatory document required while applying for a visa in any embassy/consulate.

People also call a Flight reservation for a visa, dummy flight tickets, etc. these documents are required while you enter via airport/border check post to show your emigration officer for proof that you’re leaving that country. However, paying for flight reservations is an expensive commitment when you’re unsure whether your visa is approved or rejected. This is where we greatly help you by providing verifiable Flight/Hotel reservations at a low price. You can refer to any Visa Checklists to make sure that these two documents are required while submitting documents for your visa.

As you can find from the samples provided by us, a flight reservation looks exactly like a flight booking, but you cannot find a price tag on it.  Our dummy flight ticket for a visa is identical to a real flight ticket in every sense.

A Flight reservation contains the traveler’s Full Name, Point of Boarding, Point of Exit (Airport Codes), Travel Departure, and Arrival dates.

Do the Dummy Flight Ticket for Visa Application be accepted by the Embassy or Consulates?

Yes, dummy flight tickets are officially approved for travel visa applications based on the embassy or consulate. This document is also known as a flight reservation, flight itinerary, Onward Ticket, and so on. People can also refer to dummy air tickets | Dummy Flight tickets, etc. on social media and discussion boards.

The embassy, on the other hand, does not advise acquiring fully paid genuine tickets. The consulate recognizes that there is no certainty that a visa application will be approved. Once the visa is approved, you can buy a real flight ticket.

Book your dummy flight ticket for a visa in 3 simple steps

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Complete The Form

Please provide us with your complete information, including your name, preferred travel date, email address, and departing and arriving airports. All of your information is encrypted and safeguarded.

Onward ticket

Make The Payment

Our staff will process your booking using the information you provided after payment has been received. 100% secured the payment.

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Get Your Ticket

Within 2 - 8 hours, you will receive your dummy Ticket as a PDF file by email.